Emergency Medical Responder Initial Course & Refresher 



Since 2006, New Britain EMS Academy has administered life saving training to thousands of lay persons, athletic coaches, day-care providers, fireghters, students, police officers, EMS professionals,nurses and physicians. Our commitment to achieving clinical excellence has resulted in an unsurpassed educational experience that has earned both customer-service acclaims and community recognition.

Centrally located in downtown New Britain, our state-of-the-art training facility is easily accessible from anywhere in Connecticut. High fidelity patient simulators, advanced clinical equipment and technology, and a highly experienced, full-time educational staff all help ensure unsurpassed excellence at every training phase.

Our goal is to set a solid foundation for student’s careers in the healthcare field by integrating three important elements:

1.) Competent, tenured faculty with a low student-to-instructor ratio

2.) Exceptional educational facilities and noteworthy internship site

3.) Innovative educational techniques

Emergency Medical Responder (EMT) Initial Course

This EMR program is a course based on the National EMS Agenda for the Future and will prepare the student to function in three areas:

The primary focus of the Emergency Medical Responder is to initiate immediate lifesaving care to critical patients who access the emergency medical system. This individual possesses the basic knowledge and skills necessary to provide lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional EMS response and to assist higher level personnel at the scene and during transport. Emergency Medical Responders function as part of a comprehensive EMS response, under medical oversight. Emergency Medical Responders perform basic interventions with minimal equipment.

Virtual Instructor-Led EMR Refresher Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training is live interactive education that allows for distance learning. VILT courses allow students to interact with the instructor and their peers in a live virtual environment. VILT courses are considered to be F5 which meets the requirement for live in-person education requirements. Our online vendor provides continuous live VILT content that meets the requirements for the national component of the NCCR program.

The VILT package includes all the courses you need to get your in live National content plus a two year unlimited subscription to self-paced F3 CAPCE approved CMEs that meet the distance learning requirements for Local and Individual content hours under the NCCR program.

For an additional fee you can add an in-class session including skills lab and Heartcode BLS, which meets the 3 hours state component for live in-class hours.

BLS Online (F3) Continuing Education

Self-Paced F3 (online non-live distance education) good for continuing education and CAPCE approved BLS and ALS con ed courses. Purchase of this comes with a two year unlimited subscription.